Persuasive letter to Dr. Rodriguez

 Dear Dr. Rodriguez,

I agree with you that we should be engaged in learning
during all periods, but we don’t always have to be engaged in learning. I
believe that after working so hard on the CST test we deserve a break. My
reasons are first, testing for 90 minutes stresses us out, knowing that our
scores determine our placement in high school. Then another reason is sitting
all day learning and testing in class makes us bored causing them to go to lala
land and not learn. Also not just we the students will enjoy this free day but
teachers will also be able to join us and have fun while relieving stress.

First Testing for 90 minutes stresses us out because
we know that this test determines our placement in high school. When you’re
pressured knowing that the test determines your placement you become really
stressed out, but by having fun and laughing we will relief stress. When
stressed we can’t work properly and make more mistakes than we do normally. And
by having a free day we will do fun activities and laugh wile relieving stress.
This will help teachers have fun relax from teaching and lecturing all day.

Then another reason is sitting all day learning makes us
bored and causes us to interrupt the class and take time away from learning
time. We also tend to go to lala land and not learn. When we are bored we then
begin to listen to our iPods and not listen.  We interrupt the class to laugh to become less
bored. When we are bored we start talking, but if we have a free day aka CST Relief Day we will talk and play
all we want. We will also become less bored without interrupting the class’s
learning time.

Also we won’t be the only ones enjoying CST Relief Day teachers should join
in on the fun to. Letting teachers join us is a way to bond and thank them for
all the hard work they put in teaching us everything we know. They will bond
with us one last time before we culminate. This will help teacher’s relief
their stress and relax while having fun. You will also be welcome to join us
all in a day of relief.

If we get our traditional CST Relief Day we will be as nosy and talkative as we want without
taking away our learning time. It’s a great way to relief all of our stress
relax our brain from thinking and holding so much information. This will also relief
boredom and we would be happy and our teachers to knowing we are the firdt
graduating class of SFiAM. So let us have our traditional CST Relief Day.

                             From The First SFiAM Graduating Students (X   

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Compare and contrast of Charlie

In the story Flowers ForAlgernon the character Charlie is a 37 year old man with special needs. Charlie’s Syndrome before and after his surgery was that before he wasn’t as smart he was after the surgery. The following are three traits of area of comparison his spelling, how he sees people laughing at him, and his opinion of Miss Kinnian.

The first trait of area of comparison is his spelling. Charlie spelled mostly all his words phonetic before his surgery. Here are some examples. “I was very skared even tho I had myrabits foot in my pokit because when I a kid I always faled test in school and spillled ink to.” “I closd my eyes for a long time to pretend.” He spells the words as they sound. After surgery he slowly learnded how to spell the words correctly.

The second trait of area of comparison is how he sees people laughing at him. Before the surgery his friends and others would laugh and take advantage of him. Before the surgery he also thought they were laughing with him not at him. Then after the surgery he noticed and knew that all that time they were laughing at him not with him. “… Joe and Frank and others liked to have me around to make fun of me…”

The third trait of area of comparison is his opinion of Miss Kinnian. Miss Kinnian was Charlie’s night school teacher. Charlie thought she was cool and smart. Here are some examples.  Example before the surgery. “I like Miss Kinnian because shes a very smart teacher.” Example after the surgery. “I don’t understand why I never noticed how beautiful Miss Kinnian is.” Charlies opinion of Miss Kinnian didn’t change.

Charlie before and after the surgery  didn’t change that much. Before the surgery he didnt spell most words correctly. After the surgery he slowl started getting smater and spelling corrrectly. Before his surgery when people laughed at him he thought they were laughing with him  not at him. But after surgery he noticed they were laughing at him not wit him that made him sad and mad. Also before surgery charlie like Miss Kinnian and after surgery he still did.

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Characterization in Flowers For Algernon

In the story Flowers For Algernon the author Daniel Keyes uses four different characterization methods to help the reader understand Charlie’s character. Charlie’s character is a special person with syndrome he doesn’t really know how to write well. “Dr. Strauss says I shud  rite down what I think and everything that happins to me from now on.”Daniel Keyes uses the types of characterization. The first characterization describes a character’s physical characteristics. The second characterization presents the character’s thoughts, speech, and actions. The third characterization is depicting other characters thoughts, speech, and actions in reaction to the character. The fourth characterization is making direct comments about a Character’s nature.

In the story; Daniel Keyes used the first characterization to describe Charlie the character.  “Charlie is a special person with syndrome he doesn’t really know how to write. He is 37 years old.” Here he describes Charlie as a person with special need s and that Charlie is 37 years old. Daniel also describes Charlie as being strong. “Thats why I said ok even when I was scared because she said it was an operashun.” Then Daniel use the second
characterization to describe Charlie’s thoughts, speech, and actions. Here he shows that Charlie is curious and thoughtful about what the doctors say.

Daniel also uses the thirdcharacterization. “They said that Mrs. Kinner told that was best pupil in the nite scool becaus I  tryed  the hardist and i reely wantid to lern.” The author also put what the doctors say about Charlie. “He said I had a good motor-vation.” This shows that the author used the third characterization in this story. He also points out that Charlie was taken advantage of before. “Joe Carp said I shouhow I mop d show the girls how I mop out a toilet in the factory and he got me a mop.” And here Charlie reacts to this as having a good time. “I had a good time.”

Daniel Keyes also uses the fourth characterization which is making direct comments about character’s nature. “Charlie is a smart even though he doesn’t notice it and he is special.” In the story the doctors comment her motor-vation. “He said I had a good motor-vation.” Daniel then uses the third characterization to show Charlie’s reaction. “I felt proud when he said that not everybody with an Eye-q of 58 had that thingy.” This shows he used the forth Characterization.

In the story the character Charlie then get smarter by telling us that her I.Q increased three times what it used to be. “When I became intelligent like Dr. Nemur says, with three times my I.Q of 68, then maybe I’ll be like everyone else and people will like me and be friendly.” Well not every one has a happy ending. Daniel also show that Charlie even though she hated the mouse for beating her in the maze she still liked him and told Mrs. Kinnian to put someflowers for Algernon.

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Fall Semester Reflection

I chose SFiAM because i wanted to go to a controlled environment. I wanted to learn not goof off. The teachers at SFiAM are great they always explain the material and help you when you need it. I also chose SFiAM because the school year before I was in the Multi-Media Academy and i had an awesome time in the academy. Then when i found out the Multi-Media was gonna become a school I signed up for SFiAM. I chose SFiAM also because I know the teachers an i know i can trust them when i have a problem . I chose SFiAM instead of SFMS because the teachers in SFMS don’t control the classes and don’t explain or help on the material.
My first semester in SFiAM was great I had awesome grades I got no C’s, D’s or F’s. I only had A’s and B’s. I also improved my learning by not getting low grades on test. I always studied for a test and worked hard on all my work. I also did a project on the 13 colonies. My colony’s name was DANGELAND. I had a great semester with new friends.
In my next and last semester in SFiAM I plan to be les talkative and finish my work on time to not lose points. I also want to graduate on stage.

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“Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride” Paraphrased

      Pay attention kid as i tell you the story of Paul Revere of his famous midnight ride. No human is alive that remember that night..

      He told his friend that how the british were arriving if by land to put one lantern and two if by sea in the North Church tower. Paul was on the opposite of the shore waiting for the single so that he was able to warn the Middlesex Village and the other Towns.

As Paul Revere left from his friend the moon rose and uncovered a british warship.Then Paul’s friend knew what to do.

Then Paul’s friend hears the tread of the British soldiers.

Paul’s friend then runs up the North Church tower, and goes up to belfry arch. He starts looking out the  tower and scouts the villages.

Paul’s friend look at the church yard, But then he puts his attention on the shore.

MeanWhile, Paul Revere See two lantern lip up in the North Church tower and rides off to warn Middlesex village.

He rides off in his horse as fast as he could  through the Village and throughout  forest to warn every one that the British  were coming.

When the Church tower clock was at 12 he enter Medford and started to hear common everyday sounds.

Then When the North Church tower clock hit 1 Paul Revere galloped in to Lexington where he felt that the windows gave him a ghastly look.

He then when the clock hit 2 Paul rode into Concord. He then imagined what a bloody fight it was going to be.

The rest you could know or not? How the British Fought and fired and fled against the village farmers. Even though the farmers gave them a good fight.

Paul Revere continued his famous Midnight Ride meanwhile the farmers and the red coats fought .

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Whose MidNight Ride??? XD

                         Whose Midnight Ride           

1.  What Role Did William Play In The MidNight Ride?   

 They were messengers that met up with Paul Rever in the later part of his ride. They escaped when Paul Rever was captured by the British on the night of the Midnight Ride. They had also been sent by The sons of Liberty and other Patriot groups, and they were to help to carry the same message Paul Rever was.

2. What role did Paul Rever Play?

Paul Rever warned the towns people that the British are coming during his famous Midnight Ride. He warned every house on warning trip and remained successful. He was also accompainied by William Dawes and Dr. Samuel Prescott. He warned the towns people by yelling “The British Are Coming!!”

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My Technical writing :)

How to prepare a hammer. 🙂
Hammers are used for nailing down wood,self defense, making and fixing wooden items. Like for example making houses out of wood, jewelry boxes, and fixing or making shoes. A hammer is very useful if a chair breaks get some nails and nail it back together. Also it’s useful for when you need to reenforce your home like the windows nail down some wood and your all set.
(MATERIALS) •hammer, •wood, •metal hammer head, •grip tape, •any color paint you wish
1. First Choose the appropriate type of hammer head for the job.
2. Second get the right handle that your comfortable with.
3. Next sculpt the head of hammer any way you please.
4. Insert the handle into the hammer head.
5. Place a nail into the the hammer handle were the head and v c handle meet to keep it from falling or being lose and to hold it together.
6. Make sure that the handle and head are firm and not lose .
7. If it’s lose use masking tape to make the Handle thicker to make the hammer handle fit perfectly into the metal head.
8. Paint the hammer any color you wish.
9. Now that its dry add some grip tape to keep it from flying off your hand
Key words
•Hammer head~ the metal top part of a hammer.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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